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Russian BMP-1 APC

The revolutionary BMP1 is a classic military vehicle of the Cold War.Used by all Warsaw Pact forces. The design is a thoroughbred in a long lineage of Russian Tank design, and incorporates many features gained from empirical learning. Its main purpose is as an armoured troop transport, however it has many versions and roles. The vehicle incorporates a 73mm Gun, a launch rail for SAGGER AT missiles, and a Co-axial MG for self defence.All crew have individual viewing periscopes and firing ports.

The vehicle was introduced into service in the 1960s, and is still in front line service with many Armies today, and has been exported throughout the world to all countries under Russian influence. The BMP1 has seen action in many wars including Arab/ Israeli wars,Afghanistan,Iraq,Libiya,Syria,Georgia,Ukraine and various conflicts in Afrika.

Motion Picture and TV producers will have a visually exciting surplus military vehicle prop with lively performance to add realism and authenticity to a wide range of 1960s to modern day productions. The vehicle is also available to hire to NATO countries as an OPFOR vehicle, and for defence industry events.Available toI hire with a specialist driver/mechanic as a mandatory reqirement of hire. Owned by Duncan Nicholson.

Photographs of vehicles in use in world conflicts can be seen at the bottom of the page.

BMP1 APC for sale

Russian BMP1 for sale

BMP1 APC OPFOR excersize

BMP1 APC on excersize

BMP1 OPFOR forces for hire

BMP1 OPFOR vehicle for hire2

BMP1 OPFOR forces1

BMP1 drivers controls

Chechnian War BMP1s Syrian BMP1
Russian Warsaw Pact Excersize Georgian War BMP1s
Iraqi BMP1
BMP1 in Russian afghanistan war Georgian Civil war BMP1 use


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