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SA-6 "GAINFUL" Anti Aircraft Missile launch vehicle WITH replica missiles

Surplus military action vehicles "Freindly" forces are fairly easilly available however the "Bad guys" equipment and action vehicles, especially the weapons systems are far more difficult to source. I own a v rare SA-6 Gainful Anti Aircraft Missile launch vehicle. Very imposing and visually dramatic the vehicle is available to hire as an action vehicle prop in TV and motion picture productions. Details of the actual vehicle available to hire are shown on this pages. The vehicle is owned by Duncan Nicholson.

SA6 Rocket Tank for Hire

NB The Vehicle, Not unsurprisingly is certified DeActivated. All and Any electronics associated with the missile launch are not present. The Missiles are replicas,and the launch rails cut and welded. The vehicle is actually a "dumb" launch pad, and cannot launch a missile even if complete, as it is one of a battery of 4 launch vehicles, controlled by a central "Brain" target aquisition and tracking vehicle, Not present.

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