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M8 Greyhound Armoured Car

My restored M8 Greyhound is for sale. The M8 Greyhound was a US WW2 armoured car designed in the early 1940s. The M8 served throughout WW2, and afterwards in a number of armies.

This particular vehicle was imported into the UK a number of year ago, and was fully restored to road ready condition in 2010. The vehicle has been retrofitted with a diesel engine which is on the button, reliable and has makes the vehicle a very usable piece of WW2 Armour.

My M8 Grehound is for sale, it is also available to hire for Film and TV and Motion picture productions as an action vehicle prop, for hire for business Promotion,parties and special events,& Themed Parties.. The vehicle is soley owned by Duncan Nicholson.

M8 Greyhound for sale actual photo of vehicle

M8 Greyhound for sale

US M8 Greyhound for sale restored

M8 Greyhound Turret detailM8 Greyhound WW2 drivers position photo

Original WW2 Black and white photos of M8 Greyhound in service


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